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We Remove All Types of Bees!

-Edu The Bee Expert

Bee Removal Company in Miami, FL

If you have a beehive or even a bee infestation on your property, call the professionals at BEE BEES N BEESSS Natural Bee Removal LLC. We have vast experience with the thousands of bee species that exist in the world today, and you can rely on us to take the right bee relocation approach for the species bothering you.


What’s more, we remove them from your property without using toxic chemicals and sprays! This is of special importance today, as many species of bees are in danger. We also work to preserve the integrity of the colony in order to move it to a better location, something that not all bee removal companies do.


Call to learn more about our bee removal company in Miami, FL! Or ask about our bee removal costs. We’d be happy to answer your question

Our Bee Expert

At BEE BEES N BEESSS Natural Bee Removal LLC, our work is primarily undertaken by Eduardo de Queiroz. With years of experience, he understands how to remove bees naturally. Having learned how to manage bees as a teenager, his experience and knowledge will stand you in good stead. We are not pest controllers, we only do live bee removal, lets save the bees. So give us a call today and take advantage of his skills!

Recent Work  

To best resolve your bee problem, the solution is to capture the Queen beeas a healthy Queen bee can lay up to 2,000 eggs in just one day! Fortunately, we have the experience and skill it takes to do the job right. While some companies just try to kill the insects, we know it is more effective to move them safely and naturally.


In the situation of a dead hive, we act fast to stop the honey from running and attracting a wide range of pests such as ants, roaches, and even rats (not to mention the awful rotting smell you’d have to endure). There is also the chance that in the future, another hive will install itself in the same place and suffer the same fate. For this reason and more, removal is a much better (and even more affordable) choice than killing the hive. Our seasoned professionals will also help you by sealing the area well, preventing future swarms from setting up in the same spot.

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