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We Remove All Types of Bees!

-Edu The Bee Expert

Professional Bee Removal Company in Miami, FL

Do you have a bee infestation or hive on your property? Trust our bee removal company in Miami, FL, to efficiently remove the colony from your home. At BEE BEES N BEESSS Natural Bee Removal LLC, we pride ourselves on using safe and natural methods to remove the problem from your property without the need for harmful chemicals and sprays.


With the decline of honey bees and other species, it has become more critical than ever to protect these insects. Which is why, when we take care of bee hive removal, we always strive to preserve the colony, so that it can be relocated to a more ideal location. This is important since bees are responsible for pollinating the plants we grow for food.  

Our Bee Expert  

The services we offer at our company are primarily provided by Eduardo de Queiroz, who has years of experience removing bees naturally. He learned how to manage bees as a teenager in Brazil and is also an expert in safely handling Africanized Bees. It is his experience and skills that make us your top choice to call when you need to deal with a bee colony right away. Reach out today to learn more about our removal services or to discuss your bee problem with our team, and let us take care of the problem as soon as possible.

Know Your Insects   

There are many thousands of bee and wasp species in the world. BEE BEES N BEESSS Natural Bee Removal LLC can tell you what type of stinging insect is plaguing your property and what the best approach is. Contact us today for professional services that will place your safety and satisfaction above all else. 


We will resolve your bee problem, in most cases we save the bees capturing the Queen bee, she is the solution to have a successful removal, a healthy Queen bee can lay 2000 eggs in a single day.

To resolve your bee problem, trust our bee removal services in Miami, FL. It is going to require someone with a lot of experience working with bees. A lot companies will try to kill them sometimes, because bees have a lot of eggs and larva that will keep hatching every single day even after being sprayed, which makes the bees to come back to the same place. Although spraying and killing the bees may sound like an easy and inexpensive solution, it takes more to solve the issue entirely. You can count on us to do it right with our natural bee removal. If you have a dead hive inside your place it creates two main problems, since the dead bees are not now keeping the hive cool, the honeycomb weaken and honey will run, staining surfaces and attracting a lot of other pests like ants, roaches, and rats, and a hive of rotting bees will not smell pleasant. If the place the hive used to occupy is not sealed right, it will become a strong attraction to a new bee colony. This is another reason you can rely on our bee removal services in Miami, FL. There is a significant possibility that in a future maybe in the same season another entire bee colony will get installed the same place bringing you the same problem. We have seen this happen many times. Make sure you are thinking about it when considering bids to remove the bees. Most of the time it costs much less to pay a bee expert to remove the entire hive alive, leaving you with bee free place, than to pay for the killing, natural bee removal and sealing separately. Also, an experienced bee professional will be able to help guide you through making sure that area is sealed well enough to prevent future swarms from taking up your place.

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Contact us to learn more about our professional bee removal services. We proudly serve customers in and around Miami, FL.